Kayak Take-away service

Take your kayak away for 1 day or more  :

  • Minimum rental duration : 1 day
  • Minimum number of kayaks  : 1
  • You will pick up your kayak the previous evening between 07:00pm and 08:00pm or in the morning between 09:00am and 10:00am and drop it off before 08:00pm
  • Kayak cart provided for free

Kayak Take-away rental fee:

1st day:

1 seater Kayak: €23

2 seaterKayak: €32

3 seater Kayak (3 adults or 2 adults + 1 child): €39

Family Kayak: €48

(2 adults + 2 children aged between 4 and 8)

Each extra day:

€20 per day and per kayak


Universal inflatable roof rack rented for €2 per day


Wetsuit rental for €2 per day



Being able to swim at least 25 metres

Methods of payment:

Check, holiday check, cash. 

We don't accept credit cards.

€600 deposit per kayak

Universal inflatable roof rack:

Kit:  1 pair of roof rack, 1 pump, 2 straps
Kit: 1 pair of roof rack, 1 pump, 2 straps
max load : 80 kg
max load : 80 kg

Accessories provided for free:


Wetsuit rental €2 per day

Universal inflatable roof rack €2 per day

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